Meet the newest member of ‘Team Baravelli’, Coco, our small and perfectly formed Ape. She’s not quite ready for her first outing yet, there’s some mechanical work that needs to be done and then of course she needs a little painting, sign-writing and then she’ll be ready for the great reveal.

We can’t wait to take Coco out on the road to events, food festivals and of course weddings. It’s still a bit of a secret as to what #BaravelliMagic Coco will have hidden inside her but we know that it’s all something that you’ll love and want. We are taking inspiration from our Italian roots, our exceptional chocolate and a little theatre added into the mix, can you guess what it will be?

Coco is almost 18 years old, she’s a Piaggio Apé 50 Van and started life as a 49cc vehicle but has since been upgraded to 102cc. She had a top speed of around 25 mph, probably now more after the upgrade and on a full tank her range is about 300km. She has 5 gears including reverse, can carry up to 170kg in 1.5m3 and she weighs around 250kg.  Oh and she has handlebars instead of a steering wheel…

We can’t wait for you to see Coco out on the road, updates to follow.