Revealed today is our stunning collaboration with  Claudine O’Sullivan the renowned illustrator. The partnership has resulted in a unique Easter gift which combines the gift of art and chocolate featuring a print signed by O’Sullivan and a 10-kilo chocolate Easter egg with the print lovingly re-created in cocoa butter by our very talented food artist Emma Baravelli.

When we created our 2017 bespoke eggs many commented on the fact that they were too good to eat. It’s chocolate, it’s made to be eaten and enjoyed so this year we decided that we’d come up with something that was an Eat One Keep One concept. Working alongside Claudine has been an inspiration and the signed print and egg are the perfect Easter gift for any art lover.

The original illustration is titled ‘Two for Joy’ and the title is captured in this marriage of art and chocolate. The delicious chocolate is a gift that captures the spirit of the Easter Egg and the print will remain with the buyer to remind them of the ultimate Easter gift. The pairing is priced at £999.

You can see the print and the egg in our Easter window and don’t forget we have a whole range of Dragon and Artists eggs starting at just £7.50 each.

Happy Easter to you all from Team Baravelli.