Baravelli’s Artisan Chocolatier

Husband and wife team Emma and Mark Baravelli have been hand crafting delicious chocolate for over 10 years and have been recognised in the industry as creating something very special with a tally of over 50 prestigious food awards.

Originally trained in fashion design, Emma’s artistic talents are evident in each and every chocolate that she creates. Her larger pieces are a stunning fusion of art and chocolate where she painstakingly creates edible sculptures including their stunning 2017 15 kilo window showpiece which features a 1.2m high celebration of Vietnamese cocoa.

Mark brings an engineering background to the preparation the chocolates… he has been instrumental in creating their ‘Bean to Bar’ process and they remain one of only a handful of bean to bar artisan chocolatiers in the UK. His Italian ancestry has been incorporated into the business and has created the delectable Cocoacello inspired by the celebrated Italian digestif Limoncello.

Based in the medieval town of Conwy, Baravelli’s, sheltering within the town walls, is an innovative hub of all things chocolate and is creating a local buzz as the place to go for luscious gifts and a destination for workshops and events celebrating the chocolate creativity of the Baravelli brand.