Baravelli’s – Finalists in the Conwy Business Awards 2017

We are sooooo excited! We have made it through to the final of the Conwy Business Awards in the Category of ‘Business of the Year’. We are passionate about promoting Conwy and in helping to drive business and tourism to the area and we are delighted to have made it through the the final stages. Our nomination concentrated very much on our efforts to work with the local community, local business and to bring Conwy (and Conwy food!) to a national and now international audience.

Our shop is in the heart of Conwy and part of a growing hub of creativity and commercialism. We are delighted to have been able to promote our wonderful location as part of our national and international marketing efforts.

The awards ceremony will take place on the 19th May at Venue Cymru in Llandudno – fingers crossed!

In the Press – The Australian – April 2017

Combining history with adventure….well that’s how ‘Down Under’ think of North Wales according to an article in The Australian this week and we are delighted to see that Baravelli’s are featured.

The journalist who was hosted by Visit Britain also makes reference to our latest accomplishment when our Easter Eggs were showcased in Harrods in March. According to the article Wales may only be one quarter the size of Tasmania but an ‘awful lot has been squeezed into it’…particularly in the North.

Another great international boost for Conwy and of course for our delicious chocolate. You can read the article HERE


Baravelli’s – Academy of Chocolate Silver Medal Winners – April 2017

We won! An this year it’s a Silver Medal for our ‘Cashew, sesame and Papua New Guinea 35% Praline’ chocolate. It’s as yummy as it sounds.

We are delighted to have been awarded this prestigious honour from the Academy up against which was some of the stiffest competition. The Academy of Chocolate was founded in 2005 by five of Britain’s leading chocolate professionals, united in the belief that eating fine chocolate is one of life’s great pleasures. Sentiments that we all agree with.

The Academy of Chocolate defines fine chocolate as:

  • containing no vegetable fat other than cocoa butter
  • with a minimum cocoa content of: Dark 60%; Milk 30%; White 30% (cocoa butter)
  • where the quality, provenance and treatment of the cocoa beans have been considered
  • containing no artificial additives such as vanillin, flavourings, colourings, preservatives, etc.

Members of the Academy are committed to ethically sourced chocolate.

We enjoyed taking part in the awards which were held in London earlier this year, winning is the ‘chocolate’ icing on the cake.


In the Press – El Mundo (Spain) April 2017

Well it seems that our talents are appreciated a little further afield than the walls of Conwy Castle. One of our wonderful customers spotted this article about North Wales which includes ‘the Foodie side of Conwy’ and the three must visit places which includes Baravelli’s and where they talk about our eggs appearance in Harrods earlier this month.

The link to the article can be found HERE and for those of you not fluent in Spanish then clicking on Google translate will reveal ‘Why King Arthur Returns to Reign in Wales’. Our reputation is spreading and it is wonderful to be included in an article which promotes our region and encourages international visitors.


The Creation of the Harrods Easter Eggs by Baravelli’s


Watch Emma Baravelli create a haute couture collection of Easter Eggs for Harrods…..

We are so excited to have been asked by Harrods to create their limited edition Easter Eggs and, as a special Easter chocolate treat here is a wonderful video of Emma hand crafting the eggs.

The hand-painted designs come from the wonderful Camille Walala who lives and work mainly in East London and who is renowned for her vibrant colours and geometric designs.

Emma, who trained in fashion and textile design, has lovingly created this haute couture Easter collection which is now also in display in the store windows of thr legendary Knightsbridge store. And don’t forget, if London is just that bit too far for your Easter chocolate shopping then come and visit us in Conwy, or you can even shop online!

Baravelli’s – In Partnership with Harrods for Easter 2017

 We are more than excited by our latest announcement… Baravelli’s Easter Eggs are available at Harrods in Knightsbridge. 

Baravelli’s have been commissioned to craft and hand paint limited-edition Easter Eggs designed by Camille Walala exclusively for Harrods.

Using Harrods own house blend of 41% cocoa milk chocolate, Emma Baravelli, Master Chocolatier, in close collaboration with the team at Harrods, has worked tirelessly to interpret Camille’s designs onto the egg shape and to create 12 eggs, 4 each of 3 designs  The creativity is evident and a reflection of the hours of work – and the Baravelli magic – lavished on each egg. This collection is the haute couture of the chocolate world and will be exclusively available at Harrods.

As part of the collaboration, Baravelli’s will also be producing the Camille Walala Easter Eggs to feature as a centrepiece in Harrods’ famous Kinghtsbridge windows.

‘We have had to source bespoke chocolate moulds and to increase the chocolate output of our workshop specially to complete the Camille Walala and Harrods Easter collection’ said Mark Baravelli, Managing Director.

‘We are one of only a handful of ‘bean to bar’ chocolate producers in the UK we are passionate about the quality and bespoke design of our chocolates and this is an amazing opportunity to work with Harrods.’

The commission is recognition of the tireless dedication of Emma and Mark to their craft and, of course, you can sample the Baravelli brand by either shopping on-line or visiting the shop in Conwy, North Wales. Chocolate – the ultimate Easter gift…


Baravelli’s – Keeping up with Demand – February 2017

You love our chocolate so much that we have had to buy another (we now have 3) 15 kilo machine to temper our delicious Baravelli’s bean to bar chocolate. In ‘engineer speak’ it’s a Keychoc MM15 and means that we are now keeping up with the growing demand for our delicious chocolate.

Here’s our new baby, safely installed in our workshop and already hard at work tempering chocolate for all those Valentine gifts.


Baravelli’s in the First Class Lounge at London Euston – January 2017

With thanks to Conwy Cynhaliol for their continued support.

Our third trip down to the bright lights of London where Virgin Trains invited their First Class passengers to enjoy a taste of Baravelli’s while they were waiting for their trains. It’s always so wonderful to meet new chocolate lovers and on this occasion we decided that chocolate was definitely the food of love with our Valentine theme.

We spent the day discussing the our handcrafted chocolates with many of the Virgin Train passengers!